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Custom Wood Designing makes things the way you want them - in wood. All kinds of wood - from oak, from pine, from teak, from maple, from birch, from cherrywood - you name it. There is a wood, a grain and a craftsman that can make your concept into reality at Custom Wood Designing.

Traditional wood models and toys have been big for a number of years now. Large wooden 'traditionals' that can't get lost or broken, that don't have sharp corners or small detachable items that could choke or injure a 3 year old have as much 'common sense', practical value - as they did 75 years ago. In plain grains (no paint - or 'non toxic' stain) - these treasures not only are a delight to their little owners - but also become a permanent memory - a 'keepsake' that you will hold on to until it is time to pass that toy back to your "grown child as an adult."

In 'model' format, these same items - as accurate replicas or 'characterizations' - with more detail and mounted or not - reflect the personality, loves and avocations of their owners as they sit on display in office, den or hearth.

Home and garden! When your home needs that special upgrade... something that just doesn't come 'in a box'... something that no contractor wants to bother with, call Custom Wood Designing. We'll talk with you, make sketches - even a 'mockup' if needed - in order to gain a clear understanding and flawless 'full scale' production of your idea.

Look at our product lines (Trash & Hamper) as well as the custom work we've done. You'll find that working with Custom Wood Designing is a good move toward getting the custom wood products you are seeking at affordable prices.

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