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The art behind the craft

"Designing toys for Mattel and items for other toy and gift companies over the years has sharpened my skills in design and development of products for the public."

"Over the last ten years, I've taken these skills and focused them into the medium of wood. From backyard playhouses that I've designed and built for clients to my line of designer trash cabinets that I offer, I strive to make each item as unique as I possibly can.

"Working with clients who need a particular piece designed for their home or office is always a fun challenge. With my background in industrial art, I can easily conceptualize an idea from spoken word to a graphic illustration of the item... and in a short period of time the client is using and enjoying their new piece.

"Whether your are looking for a unique wood item or have an idea for one that needs to be designed and constructed - browse through my website and see the versatility that I offer my clients."


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